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They talk about Cinemix Radio !
Lifewire : "A Radio Station for Movie Soundtracks" : "Cinemix isn’t just limited to films originated from the US, scores and soundtracks from around the world are also available! "
Digitaltrends : "Cinemix is an all-soundtrack station that exclusively plays songs from film and television."
Whathifi : "Cinemix is a station, funded by its listeners..."
Telegraph : "playing an ecclectic and often surprising selection of soundtracks from around the world"
Musicgateway : "You might just come away from Cinemix with a long list of new movies to watch more than anything else!" : 30 best-radio-stations
Shoutcast blog : "Cinemix est devenue une marque mondiale"
Yahoo Finance : "The best internet radio stations for 2020"

Soon on Cinemix

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